Frequently Asked Questions

You will find on this page the answers to the most common questions we receive from our clients and partners.

Where is the company based and where is the manufacturing ?
NewPadMaker is a French company, its HQ next to Rennes, west of France.
We also have offices in Shenzhen (China), where is our manufacturing.

Who designs devices ?
We are in control of the full process, from design in France to procurement, manufacturing and quality control and logistics.

Where are the devices shipped from ?
We usually ship EXW Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

How is logistics managed ?
For small quantity we usually manage logistics and ship either from France or China, depending on stock availability.
For volume delivery we ship EXW Shenzhen or Hong Kong, and either manage logistics ourselves or leave it to end customer should he rather want to manage it with his own courier / forwarder.

Can devices be customized ?
Since we design and procure everything ourselves, yes all devices can be customized as soon as volume is considered.
We can adapt everything from screen size, fingerprint sensors, ruggedization, additional readers, memory size, or even printer, to name just a few.

Are the devices certified ?
There are numerous certification worldwide, depending on end usage and geography, therefore we usually can provide CE, MSDS, for instance at first, and any additional certification can be discussed on demand.

Which fingerprint sensors are available ?
We can adapt to any fingerprint sensor needed, from a cost point of view or a technical constraint one.
For instance we have solution should you need FAP 10, FAP 20, or FAP 30 level. Or FIPS 201 compliance.
Also we can use a specific brand / model should it be a constraint in your own case (e.g. for ID central database access based on local authority).

Which communication protocols are available in the devices ?
We usually propose 3G & 4G, plus bluetooth, WiFi.
And additionally we can add NFC, even HID if needed.
Here again, all can be customized, such as UHF addition which we have done on demand.

What is the screen size of these devices ?
We have two product ranges, a tablet like format and a handheld one.
The tablet like format is originally based on 7″ screen and now moving to 8″ and 10″.
The handheld format is based on 5,5″.
Here again, all can be customized.

How is maintenance managed ?
All start with a one year standard warranty based on RMA process.
And in addition we are proposing maintenance contract, highly adaptable e.g. using additional spare parts, swap stock, technical training for local maintenance, multi-year commitment. Our goal is to match your actual needs in the field.
Also, as we are in full control of design/procurement/manufacturing we can work on specific contracts with non standard request, e.g. providing spare parts for more than 5 years, contrary to any B2C device and even most of the  B2B ones.

What is the level of FFR (Field Failure Rate) ?
We are proud to confirm our FFR is much lower than those of usual mobile devices in the market, i.e. below 1%.

How many units have been deployed to date ?
Over 60.000 units have been deployed, with deployments between 5.000 and 10.000 units for several customers.

Are the devices ruggedized ?
We have entry level units, low cost, with no ruggedization, and high end models including IP64 ruggedization.
We can adapt to specific request and customize for higher level of ruggedization if needed, for instance drop proof.
However we keep in mind that most of our customers expect rather a nice compromise between a solid enough level of ruggedization on some models, without actual IPXX or MIL-STD-810 keeping the price low rather than sky rocketing this price if not actually needed.
Here again, all can be discussed and studied with us depending on what is available from the shelf and what could be done depending on budget.

Can the logo be modified ?
We definitely can propose logo customization when volume is considered, be it on the device itself or its box.

Can the device color be modified ?
We definitely can adapt the casing color when volume is considered, be it on the device itself or its box.

More questions and answers coming up soon !

If you need more information please contact us