Specific Business Application

International deployments tailor-made for specific projects.
Changing business needs into professional solution around the world.
From government identity management to mobile payment solutions

Secure Identity Management

Identification and on-boarding systems

TazTag mobile devices are integrated with high-quality FAP20/30 biometric sensors, giving advanced identification features for businesses or governments. Collecting and managing identity datas is Taztag terminals core speciality allowing a wide range of applications. Citizen identity management for government elections, precise nomad access control for industries or KYC feature and customer enrollment for businesses.

  • Citizen Identity Management
  • eGovernment Applications
  • Mobile Access Control Systems
  • KYC ( Know Your Customer )

Secure Mobile Payment

Wireless safe transaction anywhere, anytime 

With professional biometric identification, powerful wireless and security features, Taztag mobile terminals embed all the hardware necessary for secure digital transaction thanks to strategic partners, system integrated and solutions providers. Mobile Android POS with international banking certification like EMV and PCI are perfect for closed-loop payments, secure wireless transactions and new digital banking methods.

  • Closed-loop Payment
  • Digital Banking System
  • Android Mobile POS
  • Cashless Solutions

Secure Mobile Operations

Remote processes for productive structures

Mobility is a game-changer for a wide range of sectors around the globe. Whereabout tracking features for Transportation,  cost-effective attendance checking solution for Education or even fast registration processes for Telecoms. TazTag brings to these industries a large panel of wireless and secure features, all integrated in mobile terminals designed to stand as the right tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

  • Complex Industry Management
  • Health & Education Services
  • Nomad Logistic Operations
  • Mobile Ticketing & Checking